Prospective Students

Only students shortlisted for first round interviews will receive a response due to the high volume of applications.

The interview process has 3 rounds:

  • Round One is a 45-minute pre-recruitment test which needs to be responded back within 48 hours.
  • Round Two is a 30-45 minute telephonic/online interview where we will discuss your previous experiences, how you would fit into FPEL and your work assignment.
  • Round Three involves you working on an assignment due within 60 days.  If you complete the assignment successfully, you will be requested to apply to UBC as a graduate student.

We generally accept 1-2 MSc students and 1-2 PhD students every year. Our students work on equipment design, experimental and numerical modelling, product formulation and process optimization for novel food processing technologies and bioproduct encapsulation technologies. UBC and Faculty of Land and Food Systems have a Minimum Funding Policy of 18,000 CAD for PhD students and 16,000 CAD for MSc students through RA/TA work. As RA/TA funding is limited, students are encouraged to apply for awards and fellowships, which are highly competitive and as such only viable candidates are considered. > 80% of the students shortlisted for first-round of pre-recruitment test have at least 1 manuscript published/submitted in a peer-reviewed journal.

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in being a member of our lab:

  • Please include country and area code
  • Please provide a full CV enlisting your previous education history with cumulative GPA/percentages etc., awards/funding, skills & technologies, publications, conference presentations/posters, patents and references.