Welcome to UBC’s Food Process Engineering Laboratory

UBC’s food process engineering laboratory (FPEL) focuses on developing new and innovative food processing technologies to enhance food quality, safety. We conduct studies on a broad variety of fields including agitation thermal processing, high-pressure processing, ultrasonification pasteurization of dairy products, acidification and anti-microbial oil incorporation of fruit juices, encapsulation of insulin, nanoencapsulation of hemp oil and transmucosal delivery systems. Please visit Our Research Page for more details.

News updates

New publication: Recent developments in cold plasma decontamination technology in the food industry

Date: Jul. 28th 2018


  • Cold plasma can be used for decontamination of foods and food contact surfaces.
  • With no significant changes in food constituents, cold plasma seems to be a good alternative to traditional food processing systems.
  • Cold plasma may have other novel applications like waste-water treatment, changing food functionality, bio-actives extraction etc.
  • Further research is required for scaling-up and commercialization of the process.
  • Regulatory approval and GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) consideration for usage in food industry is awaited.

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New publication: Natural Acidification with Low-pH Fruits and Incorporation of Essential Oil Constituents for Organic Preservation of Unpasteurized Juices

Date: Jul. 26th 2018

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New publication: Recent advances in agitation thermal processing

Date: Jul. 10th 2018


  • Recent advances in agitation thermal processing is reviewed.
  • Various mechanisms of agitation are discussed.
  • Challenges in data collection methodologies are highlighted.
  • Effect of agitation parameters on heat transfer coefficients is discussed.
  • Optimization considerations for agitation thermal processing is highlighted.

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